Book Review: “Lost Solace” by Karl Drinkwater

lost solace.jpgScience fiction is an easy genre to botch. Too much techno-garble, too little research, too much world building or an overabundant cast of characters; I find most authors lose the core of their story within the infinite array of possibilities they’re incapable of leaving alone.

Drinkwater’s latest is a great reminder of what makes sci-fi so appealing. Take a strong yet flawed protagonist who needs to accomplish something and then set obstacles in her way. It’s not rocket science but man does it make for a compelling story.

The set up here is great, with Opal coming upon a “lost ship” circling the outer rim of a potential black hole, a ship that is far from what it appears to be. It’s obvious Drinkwater is a horror author as the tension and atmosphere really keep this novel moving at full speed. Add a lot of questions and intrigue and a dynamic relationship between our protagonist and the ship’s AI and you’ve really got a unique story that’s just exceptionally executed.

Part “Alien,” part “Cast Away,” part “Interstellar,” this exceeded my expectations and came in as one of my top Sci-Fi reads for 2017. Definitely worth checking out.


Author: The Behrg

Author. Musician. Former child actor. Current adult pretender. Once sneezed and kept his eyes open at the same time.

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