The Behrg Reviews: “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde

Dorian GrayThere are two camps of “classic” books, those which you can appreciate for having been important in their time but that really don’t hold up, and those which somehow defy the passage of years much as Dorian Gray himself. This was shockingly relevant and literarily brilliant, and it’s hard to imagine this was originally published back in the 1890’s.

The beautiful thing about this novel is that it’s really a story about each of us. Hiding behind masks, creating a persona which we present to the public, while only ever allowing ourselves to glimpse the darker secrets of the soul when hidden in our personal attics. This is a novel that bears self reflection, that forces the reader to examine their own lives, something only truly great fiction can accomplish.

Far better than I had hoped for. Hope this is a trend that will continue for this year’s reads. And right now you can pick up the book for free on Amazon. If you haven’t yet checked this one out, no better time to do so.

Author: The Behrg

Author. Musician. Former child actor. Current adult pretender. Once sneezed and kept his eyes open at the same time.

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