When the Police Show Up at YOUR House

It’s always a little disconcerting when you’re driving up your neighborhood to five patrol cars parked haphazardly in the streets and a helicopter circling overhead. Even more concerning when you realize the cops are coming out of your home.

I arrived home after work today to the aftermath of what could have been one of the most frightening scenarios for a father. My wife had taken one of our daughters to a dance class, leaving my oldest to watch her brother for an hour. On her way home she got a call from my daughter saying, “Someone’s in the house.”


Evil clown Santa covered in blood.
What I imagine this “home invader” looked like ….

Allegedly they heard the front door slam and someone walking through the house. My wife, being the good mother she is, told them to immediately run to the neighbors, then promptly dialed 911. Fortunately nothing was taken, no one was hurt, except maybe my wife’s pride for making a call when she wasn’t 100% certain of the situation. But the police were amazingly understanding and told her again and again she made the right call. Better to be safe, in a situation like that, than sorry.

The false alarm — if indeed it was — got me thinking about how quickly our lives can change. We think we’re running down a stream, steering clear of the sides or any obstacle in our path, but no matter how safe you play it you can’t predict the potential disasters that can strike at any second. Physical or mental illness; the death of a loved one; the loss of employment, or faith, or love; utterly freak accidents … They come when they want, never arriving according to our schedules or desires. It’s all part of this experience we call life, and it’s how we pick ourselves up afterward that’s what makes humanity so great.

So in light of all the political upheavals and daily struggles we all entertain, be grateful today that the police didn’t show up at your house with news that your life will never again be the same.

I know I am.



Kindle Scout 2 Yr Anniversary – $0.99 Sale!

Hard to believe it’s been two years since my debut novel, HOUSEBROKEN, was published through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. I still remember the anxiety of going through that 30 day campaign … the hopes, the frustration, and the eventual bliss and validation in having my novel selected for publication.

HousebrokenSince then, HOUSEBROKEN has gone on to be a #1 Amazon best-selling novel, both in the US and UK, for horror-suspense. The Kindle Scout program has, within this same time period, launched over 250 books, some to incredible success and others to lack-luster results, but publishing has never been a perfect science. It continues to be a great way for readers to discover new books and authors (and be rewarded for your efforts), while helping to launch careers and offer alternative options for authors these days.

To celebrate 2 years of the program’s success, Kindle Press is offering a sale on every one of their titles!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.48.04 AM

For a short time period, you can pick up every Kindle Press title for just $0.99, including my novel HOUSEBROKEN. You can check out all the titles here — With an impressive array of authors across multiple genres, there’s sure to be something that will grab your attention. (And to grab HOUSEBROKEN for less than a buck, click here)

Later this week, I’ll add a post on a few Kindle Press titles I’ve read over the past 2 years that are ones you won’t want to miss. Till then, happy shopping. 😉


ON SALE – Book One in The Creation Series just $0.99

For all you dark souls looking for something a little less red and smelling of roses today, Book One in THE CREATION SERIES is discounted to just $0.99 today through Thursday.

The Creation - Digital

A science-fiction apocalyptic thriller, this novel takes place in the Amazon Rainforest, where a frightening power stirs, an event beginning that’s occurred only once on our little planet — during its process of Creation.

In seven days God created the world. This God will destroy it in less.

See what’s being said about The Creation Series:

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My One Political Post – It’s Ugly

There’s a lot of Ugly out in the world these days, and it only takes a second’s glance at the social media engine of your choice to be reminded how quickly hatred can become contagious. What we too often forget is that people can’t be lumped into a single classification – there’s so much that goes into each and every one of us and I cringe seeing some of the flagrant negativity being thrown around from all sides.

You won’t see any political posts from me — not that I’m not opinionated, I just feel there are better ways for me to make changes to my community than ranting about what I don’t agree with or dislike. When all you see in the world around you is Ugly, maybe it’s time to start looking inward and consider the source of the reflection you’re leaving on the world. I promise, if you look for it, there is beauty all around.

Even in a song like this:

The Smashing Pumpkins – Ugly from Qgle on Vimeo.


Merry Christmas

To my dear friends, family, fellow authors, fellow readers, and fellow fellahs and femme fatales (lot of F’s in this greeting) …

Just to want to thank you all for making 2016 bearable, for giving me something to believe in, for focusing on hope versus staying rooted to the ground. Thank you for the cherished memories, the kind words, the laughs and even shared moments of tears, and for the journeys trodden together.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours, and may the warmth you feel this Holiday season carry you into the new year.

X’s & O’s,



It’s Release Day!!!

Your search for Happiness is over —

Grab “Happiness Is A Commodity” today on Amazon and AmazonUK.


The Search For Happiness

Happiness is one of those elusive goals most people aren’t able to define, let alone achieve. But in order to find something, you have to first know what you’re looking for, so let’s examine together this weighty topic.

Let’s turn, first, to the definition of happiness, which offers more towards how inexplicably unhelpful dictionaries can be than actually helping us on our quest.

Ready for this one? Here goes:

Happiness: the state of being happy.

Sort of like defining a twinkie as, you know, that twinkie-ish pastry. Really helps clear up the meaning of the word, doesn’t it?

A slightly better, yet still murky, definition of happiness can be found through Wikipedia: Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Wild man is on the looseStarts off strong, then sort of leads you down the path of maybes and other undefinable characteristics, like joy, contentment, and <gasp> positivity. At least we get the understanding that it’s a mental or emotional state, though frankly I’m surprised they stopped with just two choices.

Makes you wonder if anyone really know what Happiness is?

Let’s dig a little further (or drop down a few searches in our Google browser) until we stumble on the site happify.com, which claims to give a more scientific approach to what happiness entails. About time, right? Because science, you know, has all the answers.

Here’s a quick summary from their home page:

The research suggests that happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life (for example, finding meaning in your work) and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis … but our general happiness is more genetically determined than anything else.

Yowsers. So what we’re searching for is the same think Mick Jagger’s been unable to get for 50 years. And yet, according to science, our genetics — something completely out of our control — are more in control of our state of mind than any other outer circumstance or influence.

For a word every three-year old knows, we sure have a tough time defining it.

My newest release, titled Happiness Is A Commodity, explores this theme through a world where happiness can no longer be achieved through natural means.


This is a world where people enslave themselves in order to purchase the briefest glimpse of happiness, for a brief 20-minute spell. A world where only the elite experience happiness all of the time.

A world that’s ultimately not that different from our own.

Anyone who’s felt the icy fingers of depression lance through their brains knows what this world is like, but what if happiness was truly unattainable on a macro level? What would that world look like?

While the official release date isn’t until Dec 1st, you can find out by picking up an early copy today. It may not be the answer to your lifelong search, but it’ll at least provide some entertainment for your journey.