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Pleased to share that Kindle Press is putting my novel Housebroken on sale July 5th – 11th for just $0.99!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read this one, these sales are few and far between so grab it while you can for less than a buck!

In other news, Housebroken is now hovering at 99 reviews on Amazon! Once it reaches 100, I’ve decided to offer a Give-Away for 2 signed copies of Housebroken. This give-away will be exclusively available to my mailing list only, so if you haven’t yet signed up, you can do so here: Behrg’s mailing list

No purchase is necessary. You’ll be automatically entered just by participating as a subscriber. But if you’d like more chances to win, shoot me an email (thebehrg at with a link to one (or more) of the following:

  • A screenshot of your purchase of Housebroken (or another of my titles)
  • A screenshot of your posted review on Amazon for Housebroken
  • A screenshot of your posted review on Amazon for another of my titles

You’ll receive an extra entry into the contest for each additional proof of purchase / review.

Thanks again for your support! Winners will be announced within 2 weeks (or as soon as we reach 100 reviews on Amazon).

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Because Who Doesn’t Love a Free Book?

Sadly the word FREE, as it goes with offering a product, often assigns a “value-less” attachment to whatever is being offered. Ebooks are no different, and with the desperation many authors face in trying to attract readers, it’s no surprise that this trend has affected — and disrupted — the wonderful world of reading.

There are, however, times when great books are offered at heavily discounted prices.

Recently, Amazon has introduced a new program called Prime Reading, in which Amazon Prime members can “borrow” up to ten ebooks at a time for absolutely no cost to the reader. Thousands of books are plugged into their rotating carousel of available books each month and, much like borrowing a book from a library, readers can check one out but WITHOUT accruing late charges.

My novel, HOUSEBROKEN, was a part of the introductory Prime Reading program when it first launched, and it was a great way to introduce my work to new readers during that time frame. Well, as the carousel continues its rotations, I thought I’d make you lovely readers aware of a few books you can download today for free that are part of this program, books you won’t want to miss.

Books You Can Download for FREE w/ Amazon’s Prime Reading:

1984First, do yourself a favor and pick up George Orwell’s fantastic dystopian novel, 1984. If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re in for a treat. In today’s world this little classic is looking more and more prophetic, and not in a good way.

Unpaved SurfacesFor a chilling character-driven suspense read, make sure you grab Joseph Souza’s award winning novel, Unpaved Surfaces. About the deconstruction and reconstruction of a family who has a child go missing, it’s a fantastic read.


melophobiaAnother dystopian novel that’s near and dear to my heart is Melophobia by James Morris. About a world where music is banned and musicians are fugitives, this one takes some surprising turns. Definitely one of my top reads for 2016.


twistedAuthor Andrew Kaufman has a dark thriller in the vein of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island that’s available. While I preferred Lehane’s execution, Twisted is still a great psychological thriller definitely worth checking out.


freelancer.jpgOff the beaten path from my normal dark reading, for fans of YA & sci-fi, I found Freelancer by Jake Lingwall a particularly clever novel. He’s created a futuristic world with hackers and drones and a protagonist you want to root for.


lewisAnother genre-blending novel is Forever by Linda Cassidy Lewis, who combines a gripping love story with a dark tale of possession. This definitely went in directions I wasn’t expecting and is an extremely memorable read.


Support an Author and (Potentially) Receive a Free Book!

Haunted HouseOutside of the Prime Reading program you’ve got an opportunity to help a fantastic author win a contract through the Kindle Scout program. Norman Prentiss’s novel, Life In a Haunted House, has been on the Hot & Trending list since it debuted on Kindle Scout and his campaign is up in a matter of days. By taking a moment to nominate his book, if it wins you’ll pick up a free advanced copy (and I’d be earth-shatteringly shocked if this one doesn’t win). Plus it’s just fun to help a deserving author along their road to success.

Check out his campaign and click nominate here. And if you dig what he’s doing with this release, he’s also offering three shorter tie-in novelizations which are also currently available for free. Check them out below:

* “The Lake Monster” —

* “The Dungeon of Count Verlock,” —

* “The Space Visitor,” — 

My Own Free Offerings

Lastly, (if you aren’t sick of free stuff by now — I did warn you!!) if you haven’t yet subscribed to my newsletter, I’m currently offering 3 free eBooks as a Thank You for subscribing. The First Book in The Creation Series, The Creation: In The Beginning; my short story The Lines (The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title); and an exclusive story that’s only available through my newsletter, entitled “Patterns.”

I only send out the occasional update through the newsletter to announce new releases, contests or sales. Subscribe here and I’ll get your free books on their way.

See? Whoever said free wasn’t a good thing?

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ON SALE – Book One in The Creation Series just $0.99

For all you dark souls looking for something a little less red and smelling of roses today, Book One in THE CREATION SERIES is discounted to just $0.99 today through Thursday.

The Creation - Digital

A science-fiction apocalyptic thriller, this novel takes place in the Amazon Rainforest, where a frightening power stirs, an event beginning that’s occurred only once on our little planet — during its process of Creation.

In seven days God created the world. This God will destroy it in less.

See what’s being said about The Creation Series:

“A story that  captured my complete, undivided attention … the emotions felt as if they were ‘bleeding’ off the page. Highly recommended!”  — Horror After Dark

“A thriller of the highest order … Will have you begging for more.”  — Confessions of a Reviewer

“From the boardrooms of  corporate  America to the jungles of Amazon, this novel   completely captivated me … If you life horror and science-fi, then there are elements in this work that will appeal to you. Great start!”  — Joseph Souza, best-selling author of Unpaved Surfaces

“This book will have you laughing, crying and cringing with the characters. The Behrg is an amazing author and continually surprises me with such well written stories. This book is a MUST READ.” — Amazon Top Reviewer

Grab your copy for less than a buck today!

Amazon – US

Amazon – UK

Horror After Dark Reviews Happiness

Another astonishing genre-breaking novel from an author that is consistently blending his stories into multiple areas of classification. I enjoy being challenged to think “outside the box”, and The Behrg excels at writing tales that push you to do just that–all within a fun and different framework.

Much thanks to Kim Yerina and the Horror After Dark website for reviewing “Happiness Is A Commodity” — you can check out the full review here.

HAD is also running a give-away for 2 free copies of Happiness. Enter the drawing here! Get Happy!!!




The Creation Featured: Enter to Win!

The Creation - Let There Be DeathThe Creation: Let There Be Death is being featured on for the month of August!

As part of the promo, you have a chance to win a print copy of the book, along with a few other give-aways from other authors.

If you’re new to the series, the first novella-length chapter is free on Amazon, or you can pick up book one – The Creation: Axis Mundi – for less than a cup of joe.

About the end of the world and the start of a new one, The Creation chronicles the radical transformation of our world by a ‘god-like’ being as he follows the seven day process of the Creation as found in the Bible. Set in the Amazon Rainforest, it follows two groups who are caught in the midst of these transformations, both who are forced to sacrifice more than they would ever have thought possible in order to survive.

Hop on over to the site and enter to win through the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of the page. And share the great news with your friends!

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Key Moments

My novel, HOUSEBROKEN, reached a new pinnacle today by hitting its 200th rating on the popular book site, GoodReads. Considering how few people actually take the time to rate a book they’ve read, it’s an exciting moment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.25.39 PM.pngThe role of an author is a lonely one, and we’re often confined to a small white room with competing voices shouting in our heads. Fortunately, most of us prefer the solidarity. There are times, however, when we question what we do, why we do it, and if it’s worth the extreme sacrifices this profession, (or enslaving hobby), demands.

Key moments are what keep us going. Hearing of a new positive review from someone you’ve never met. Having a break-through on a current work-in-progress. Receiving a note or short email from a new fan. Discovering a new idea for a story, one that demands to be explored.

These are the moments we authors live for. They don’t come often, but when they do, they fill our canteens with that life-sustaining force that may see us through the next few months of desert crossing.

So join me as I celebrate a small achievement, and do an author a favor — leave a review for a book you’ve recently read. It may just be the key moment he or she needs to keep going in this mercilessly brutal (yet highly rewarding) quest.

Signed Book Give-Away (& more)

My brothers and I will typically get together for a guy’s weekend camping trip, every other year or so. This week we went up to Lundy Lake, just outside of Yosemite, eating what we catch, and catching, well, colds as well as fish.

What I love most about these trips — beyond the great camaraderie and amazing vistas — is being able to disconnect for a few days. No reception, no internet; heck, no bathrooms. A lot of reading, and even some writing (long-hand, baby — what a forgotten art!).

But while I was away, I failed to let people know about an event the horror blog, Horror After Dark, is hosting. First off, Kim Yerina gave a fantastic review for The Creation Part Two: Let There Be Death. Can’t thank her enough for her kind and honest thoughts.

Here’s a sample of what she had to say:

The Behrg’s writing style is brought into great light as his large cast of characters continue to show their individuality. From his descriptions of mass destruction, human frailty, the beauty and dangers of the Venezuelan forests, to the relevant social commentary, each and every scene has a ring of “truth” to it, and it was all too easy to lose myself completely in his “new world”.

To read the full review, click here.

Now beyond the review, Horror After Dark is also hosting a give-away for a signed copy of Book One in The Creation Series, Axis Mundi.

Follow this link to enter to win.

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As cliche as it is to say, this series is near and dear to my heart. While it has elements of horror, it really shatters the typical genre labeling and is more of a thriller in the vein of Michael Chrichton or Blake Crouch, than anything. It’s truly been a labor or love.

If you’ve already had the chance to read Part One or Two in the series, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon. This is such a crucial way to help other readers hear real feedback that may influence their purchase decisions.

And if you haven’t yet started the series, the first novella-length chapter, In The Beginning, is available for free on Amazon, iBooks and Kobo, so grab it while you can.