Because Who Doesn’t Love a Free Book?

Sadly the word FREE, as it goes with offering a product, often assigns a “value-less” attachment to whatever is being offered. Ebooks are no different, and with the desperation many authors face in trying to attract readers, it’s no surprise that this trend has affected — and disrupted — the wonderful world of reading.

There are, however, times when great books are offered at heavily discounted prices.

Recently, Amazon has introduced a new program called Prime Reading, in which Amazon Prime members can “borrow” up to ten ebooks at a time for absolutely no cost to the reader. Thousands of books are plugged into their rotating carousel of available books each month and, much like borrowing a book from a library, readers can check one out but WITHOUT accruing late charges.

My novel, HOUSEBROKEN, was a part of the introductory Prime Reading program when it first launched, and it was a great way to introduce my work to new readers during that time frame. Well, as the carousel continues its rotations, I thought I’d make you lovely readers aware of a few books you can download today for free that are part of this program, books you won’t want to miss.

Books You Can Download for FREE w/ Amazon’s Prime Reading:

1984First, do yourself a favor and pick up George Orwell’s fantastic dystopian novel, 1984. If you haven’t read this one yet, you’re in for a treat. In today’s world this little classic is looking more and more prophetic, and not in a good way.

Unpaved SurfacesFor a chilling character-driven suspense read, make sure you grab Joseph Souza’s award winning novel, Unpaved Surfaces. About the deconstruction and reconstruction of a family who has a child go missing, it’s a fantastic read.


melophobiaAnother dystopian novel that’s near and dear to my heart is Melophobia by James Morris. About a world where music is banned and musicians are fugitives, this one takes some surprising turns. Definitely one of my top reads for 2016.


twistedAuthor Andrew Kaufman has a dark thriller in the vein of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island that’s available. While I preferred Lehane’s execution, Twisted is still a great psychological thriller definitely worth checking out.


freelancer.jpgOff the beaten path from my normal dark reading, for fans of YA & sci-fi, I found Freelancer by Jake Lingwall a particularly clever novel. He’s created a futuristic world with hackers and drones and a protagonist you want to root for.


lewisAnother genre-blending novel is Forever by Linda Cassidy Lewis, who combines a gripping love story with a dark tale of possession. This definitely went in directions I wasn’t expecting and is an extremely memorable read.


Support an Author and (Potentially) Receive a Free Book!

Haunted HouseOutside of the Prime Reading program you’ve got an opportunity to help a fantastic author win a contract through the Kindle Scout program. Norman Prentiss’s novel, Life In a Haunted House, has been on the Hot & Trending list since it debuted on Kindle Scout and his campaign is up in a matter of days. By taking a moment to nominate his book, if it wins you’ll pick up a free advanced copy (and I’d be earth-shatteringly shocked if this one doesn’t win). Plus it’s just fun to help a deserving author along their road to success.

Check out his campaign and click nominate here. And if you dig what he’s doing with this release, he’s also offering three shorter tie-in novelizations which are also currently available for free. Check them out below:

* “The Lake Monster” —

* “The Dungeon of Count Verlock,” —

* “The Space Visitor,” — 

My Own Free Offerings

Lastly, (if you aren’t sick of free stuff by now — I did warn you!!) if you haven’t yet subscribed to my newsletter, I’m currently offering 3 free eBooks as a Thank You for subscribing. The First Book in The Creation Series, The Creation: In The Beginning; my short story The Lines (The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With an Original Title); and an exclusive story that’s only available through my newsletter, entitled “Patterns.”

I only send out the occasional update through the newsletter to announce new releases, contests or sales. Subscribe here and I’ll get your free books on their way.

See? Whoever said free wasn’t a good thing?

Newsletter Books



Kindle Scout 2 Yr Anniversary – $0.99 Sale!

Hard to believe it’s been two years since my debut novel, HOUSEBROKEN, was published through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program. I still remember the anxiety of going through that 30 day campaign … the hopes, the frustration, and the eventual bliss and validation in having my novel selected for publication.

HousebrokenSince then, HOUSEBROKEN has gone on to be a #1 Amazon best-selling novel, both in the US and UK, for horror-suspense. The Kindle Scout program has, within this same time period, launched over 250 books, some to incredible success and others to lack-luster results, but publishing has never been a perfect science. It continues to be a great way for readers to discover new books and authors (and be rewarded for your efforts), while helping to launch careers and offer alternative options for authors these days.

To celebrate 2 years of the program’s success, Kindle Press is offering a sale on every one of their titles!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.48.04 AM

For a short time period, you can pick up every Kindle Press title for just $0.99, including my novel HOUSEBROKEN. You can check out all the titles here — With an impressive array of authors across multiple genres, there’s sure to be something that will grab your attention. (And to grab HOUSEBROKEN for less than a buck, click here)

Later this week, I’ll add a post on a few Kindle Press titles I’ve read over the past 2 years that are ones you won’t want to miss. Till then, happy shopping. 😉


Book Review: “Kelpie Dreams” by Steve Vernon

“‘Some people just never seem to let themselves be happy … It’s like they fight against their own contentment.'”

Well, let me tell you folks, author Steve Vernon is NOT one of these people.
(That quote btw was from an underwater sea hag … interested yet?)

kelpieKelpie Dreams is a mad dash through a fantastical world where nothing is quite what it seems (including our heroine, “Lady MacBeth”). About loss, love, and (mis)adventures, it reminded me of a modern Alice and Wonderland in it’s quizzical and whimsical style.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed out loud this much with a novel. From the quirky dialogue to the unique characters and setting, there’s a lot here to enjoy, and I can only imagine how much fun Vernon had constructing this novel. Yet when you strip back the oddball humor and bizarre encounters, there’s still a story with surprising depth that goes far beyond its entertainment factor.

Yes, boys and girls, today’s near-death experience was brought to you by the number eight and the letters WTF!

I did feel the characters fell into too similar of a speaking pattern with the back-and-forth, quick-witted banter, but if you’re looking for something that’s completely unlike anything you’ve read, you don’t have to look much further. A definite lighthearted and fun read that’s worth checking out.

“Jazz hands, Mom, big-time jazz hands.”


Book Review: Forever by Linda Cassidy Lewis

A married couple going through the empty nest syndrome are struggling to define their relationship and the way it’s changed over the years. Cue the husband meeting a young woman who dazzles him, and you’ve got a classic setup questioning what you would do for love, and which of these loves is real.

lewis.jpgSounds like the plot to how many <fill-in-the-blank> romantic comedies or dramas?

But this is FAR from your normal love story.
And by far, I mean another universe, not merely the town next to yours.

Lewis dives deep, breaking the cliches of the genre and introducing unanticipated concepts to this triangle love story, ranging from past lives and psychic visions to dark and vengeful spirits. While there are possessions, rape, and other disturbing content, it was never gratuitous or over the top but rather there to serve the story.

What I found most interesting, however, was that as a reader I was never really sure which couple I should be hoping for. You felt the pain and yearnings on both sides, and Lewis does a great job of not interjecting her own judgement into the story but rather leaving it up to the reader.

For those looking for a different kind of love story, Forever certainly delivers.


It’s Release Day!!!

The second book in The Creation Series is being released today on Amazon.

To thank all those who supported my Kindle Scout campaign, I’m discounting the book to just $.99 for one week only, after which it will return to its normal price of $3.49.

Pick up your copy today!!

The Creation - Let There Be Death

And God said, ‘Let There Be Death.’
And He saw that it was Good.

As the second day in The Creation begins, the world continues to be transformed. Day has arrived, but this is no ordinary light. And it is but the precursor for something far more terrifying.

With the dawn, Faye Moanna finds herself a prisoner in one of the darkest dungeons created for man. To escape with her life, she may have to sacrifice a part of herself that can never be reclaimed: Her soul.

Meanwhile, new allegiances are formed between Dugan’s band of mercenaries, but betrayal lurks at every corner. And the power they seek, in the form of the Shaman, may prove not to save the world, but destroy it.



The Creation Part 2 is Coming!!

I had the chance to do a final pass through “Let There Be Death”, the second book in The Creation Series, and let me tell you it got me excited. This series is coming into its own in a frightening way and I’m looking forward to shoving it out the door with a wave and a message of “Good Luck” as it makes it’s way in the world.

As most of you know, this book was up for a contract with Kindle Scout recently, wherein all those who voted for it could have won a free copy should it have been chosen. It wasn’t, and I have no way to offer it out for free, but …

As a THANK YOU to all of you who voted for it, I will be releasing it at $0.99 for the first week only, after which it will return to its normal price of $3.49.

The Creation - Let There Be DeathAnd when will you be able to get your grubby little mittens on this puppy?

This coming Tuesday, April 12th.

The print copies have been submitted for proofing as well and will be available shortly. Thank you to everyone who’s been looking forward to this release and please, as the book comes out, add your reviews and comments regarding what you enjoyed (or didn’t). A book’s release is such a critical time and reviews really make a difference.

If you’re new to The Creation Series, sign up for my newsletter to get a free copy of the first book, Axis Mundi. This offer too will be going away shortly, so grab it while you can.

See you in the Amazon soon.



But You Get What You Need

As I look over the landscape of the publishing world we live in, I can’t but be excited. Seriously, there are so many options for writers these days. Sure, most of them might not lead to a lucrative career, but together they culminate in attaining the goals any writer seeks: Exposure.

It’s easy to send a manuscript or story out to your friends and family, of which maybe one or two will read it out of sympathy and tell you (regardless of whether or not it’s true) that they loved it. But to get that same story into the hands of complete strangers? Not as simple to do. At least in the past.

Dollarphotoclub_85731355.jpgThe advent of the internet and eReaders has really created a publishing revolution wherein gatekeepers can be bypassed and anyone can hit “publish” and put their work out there through various online platforms. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a debate for another time, but the point is YOU CAN PUBLISH.

Yes, YOU.

Rewind a few years and I was just another dreamer who wanted to be a writer. Filled with big ideas and no clue what to do with them. Now will I lie and say it’s been easy? Absolutely not. It requires discipline, sacrifice, and perhaps a little insanity. It requires you have something worth saying, something unique to share. Something that drives you to finish. Talent, an understanding of craft, an unflinching determination in the face of rejection because yeah, there’s a lot of that. But I can say it’s worth it. In so many ways.

The Creation - Let There Be DeathSpeaking of rejection, I received news this weekend that my second novel in The Creation Series, “Let There Be Death,” was passed on by Kindle Press. This didn’t come as a surprise; putting the second book up in a series doesn’t make for an easy win with a publisher, especially when it’s not a stand-alone but a continuation of the first book. I knew that going in.

I also wasn’t sure if this book was right for Kindle Press. It’s a difficult series to pin down under a single genre which makes it tougher to sell. But it’s also a book, and series, I believe in.

By submitting the book to Kindle Scout, my exposure to this series has grown exponentially. I’ve had so many people reach out through email or my website expressing interest, signing up for my newsletter, or wishing me luck (or condolences, not that they’re needed). Would I have been excited to have this book selected? Sure. But I’m equally as excited to have full autonomy with the series to do with it what I want.

With that being said, I’m thrilled to share that The Creation: Let There Be Death will be available toward the end of this month in both print and digital. 

As a THANK YOU to all those who helped support the book in its campaign on Kindle Scout, I’ll be releasing the book on Amazon at just $.99 for the first week. I appreciate every one of you who clicked “nominate,” who helped spread the word and continue to believe and support my passion.

I can’t wait to hear the reactions with where this series is headed. Book Three has already been started and should be available before the end of the year, as well as a separate stand alone novel I have almost completed.

See, there’s a lot to be excited about.