Father / Ghost

Shadow People
How Many Shadows Do You Cast ……?

So I’ve done the whole pseudonym thing in the past but figured since no one ever discovered the fake me they might as well not discover the real me.

I say that and yet I’m publishing under the name

“The Behrg”

It’s a long story…  But for brevity’s sake, I’m the oldest of five in a family where the siblings haven’t called each other by our real names since early childhood. Even my father calls me “Behrg” (though my mother and wife have yet to catch on).

My reason for publishing under my “alter-ego” is not an attempt to hide but rather to celebrate my creative side. As a writer and former child actor I’m a big believer in not only becoming the characters we perform but allowing a part of ourselves to show through those performances.

The Behrg is my schizophrenic solution to who I am in but one of the many worlds I’ve created.

I’ve also been published under the name Clayton Behrg. Or you can always call me Brandon.

The Behrg

As far as who I am when I’m not writing, I’m a father of three, a husband, a musician / wanna-be rock star, a salesman, an advertising professional, a terrible handyman, a student, a Christian and Mormon (and yes those two coincide), a brother and son, a friend who could probably do much better, an avid reader, an unapologetic critic, a seeker of truth, God, comedy and terror, though not necessarily in that order.

As an author I tend to gravitate toward the dark, exploring the relationship between what is and what could be. I’m thrilled to be meeting many like-minded individuals on this journey.

Please feel free to connect me through one of those social media outlets you ascribe to or here on my blog. Or email me direct at theberg at gmail.com.


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