Book Review: “Cyclops Road” by Jeff Strand

“Hey, after work do you wanna see a movie, get a couple of drinks, maybe slay a Cyclops?”

cyclopsCyclops Road, by Jeff Strand, is a bizarre little adventure that toes the line of the suspension of disbelief almost the entire novel. A road-trip adventure, complete with strange occurrences that may or may not have to do with the actual plot, your only requirement when cracking this one open is to jump in the passenger’s seat and not worry too much about the destination, because its the journey that you’ll enjoy.

Strand cements his place in the bizarre sub-genre of horror / comedy once again, introducing wacky characters with some delicious dialogue. While certainly entertaining, there were definitely more moments in this than any of his other works I’ve read that caused me to question not only the world he created here but the actions of the characters within it. I almost felt like that backseat driver, brought along for a road trip, who doesn’t really identify with everyone else who’s traveling together.

That being said, Strand, along with his characters, definitely commit to this one. While not my favorite book of his, it’s a worthwhile read and a light-hearted adventure that won’t soon be forgotten, one I’m not sure anyone BUT Strand could have pulled off.

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