Book Review: “Pretty Girls” by Karin Slaughter

pretty-girlsKarin Slaughter, without question, is an author who’s not afraid to step into the darkness and report what she sees. The difference between what she accomplishes and what most authors attempt is that her writing is never gratuitous, it’s just honest. And that can be FAR more frightening.

The characters in this novel are superbly drawn. Living, breathing entities, they’ll stay with you long after the book closes. But it’s the overcharged theme of loss tying the sisters together that really makes this story shine, much more so than the plot which deviated in a direction that may have worked but wasn’t overtly original. Still, this contained some of the most emotional scenes I’ve read in a long time.

The ending felt a little hurried, but overall this was such an experience of a book that it’s easy to overlook its flaws in favor of what the author accomplished. 4 1/2 stars. Highly recommended for those brave enough to peer into the dark.


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