Book Review: “In Perpetuity” by Tim Lebbon

In Perpetuity is the latest Lebbon concoction I’ve imbibed, and this is one best served from a shot glass. Drink this down in a single sitting folks because it’s a mesmerizing tale.

perpetuityIt takes a peek “behind the curtain” of ordinary life, with a fascinating set-up involving “The Keeper,” who is a collector of eccentric one-of-a-kind items, and a father trying to save his son. Tasked with what might be considered an impossible request, the father goes out on his search, encountering crazed characters who either attempt to help or hinder him on his quest.

The writing is what really makes this novella shine, however. It reminded me of a dark episode of The Twilight Zone or even the new UK show, Black Mirror, taking you a step beyond comfort, where anything can happen.

Often times with novellas, there’s either the feeling that the story should have been developed further or was padded to take a short story into a longer tale. Happy to say Lebbon chose the right format with this one. Not a single word is wasted, and the writing is both crisp and tight.

Definitely not your run-0f-the-mill story; for those who like their plots straight-forward, this may be a little too far out, but it’s a journey I recommend taking.

Grab it for just $0.99 on Amazon.



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