Book Review: Girl on the Glider by Brian Keene

glider.jpgBlurring the lines of fiction and non-fiction, Keene has created a quiet masterpiece with this short novella. Intellectually provocative and deceptively honest, this is the type of writing that’s rarely achieved by an author, where the auteur’s soul (almost) literally bleeds onto the page.

Touching upon the horrifying truths of every day life while balancing the scales with a supernatural ghost story, it would have been so easy to cast a character into this novella that would then tackle some of the emotional and physical ordeals the author was dealing with at the time. Instead, Keene casts himself, opening the door to a mirror where truth and reality and what could be, or could have been, collide.

As an author, this is a must read. But truthfully I would recommend this to just about anyone I know. And for only $0.99, it will be one of the best dollars you spend in the next week. A haunting story, beautifully told.


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