Year’s Best Hardcore Horror

I meant to post this about a week ago, but somehow never got around to it … Wanted to share the release of an anthology I’m a part of.

hardcore horrorEdited by the fantastic Randy Chandler & Cheryl Mullenax, Year’s Best Hardcore Horror is the first volume in what is planned to be an annual anthology.

I was notified by Pete Kahle, who’s anthology I was fortunate enough to be a part of in Not Your Average Monster, that my story “Reborn” was being considered for this “Best Of” Anthology. Shortly thereafter Randy reached out, and I felt honored to have my story included in this collection alongside authors like Jeff Strand, Jason Parent, Pete Kahle, and many others.

Dubbed as a collection of tales you can’t “unread,” this anthology includes the “stuff that breaks boundaries and trashes taboos.”

While I never thought I would have a story considered “hardcore,” my story “Reborn” certainly went places I would never have imagined and is NOT for the feint of heart. But if you’re in the mood for some horror you won’t soon forget, grab this collection while you can!



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