Book Review: The Little Sleep by Paul Tremblay

sleep.jpgA detective with narcolepsy, who also may or may not be hallucinating when awake? And who gets a job but was “asleep” when he received the case, not knowing what he was hired to do or by who?

How can this not be an enjoyable read?

The Little Sleep is a premise-driven novel, no doubt, and while it does give in to many of the cliches in the noir genre, it does so intentionally. Almost self-deprecatingly. Tremblay’s created a character that’s fun to watch, from his “condition” to his snarky attitude. Add the unreliable narrator element to the mix and this was just an enjoyable little novel to dive into, one that would make for an excellent transition to the screen — big or small.

Many of the turns and twists were predictable, so don’t go into this expecting a superb or shocking mystery, but the ride in getting to these plot twists was still worth taking. Kudos to Tremblay for a very different kind of P.I. and adding flavor to an oft-tiresome genre. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this much fun with a book. I’ll definitely be picking up the sequel.


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