Book Review: Missing Lynx by Fiona Quinn

lynx.jpgFionna Quinn really hits her stride with this second book in her Lynx series, and I can only imagine how much fun she had in writing this. She’s created a great dichotomy within the most important relationships in Lexi Sobado’s life as she has to balance the professionalism, the danger of her profession and position, as well as her personal feelings for both her mentor, Spyder, and partner, Striker. Add to that the emotional baggage she carries from the death of her husband (of one week) and the complexities of being a psychic and you have some thrilling material.

This sequel also surprised me with where Fiona let it go, following her heroine to not so happy of an ending (though there’s hope in the set up for book 3). Quinn is a master of the details, and brings in some fascinating theories with “shadow walking” and “veil walking.” I could have spent more time with the intricacies of the many abilities Lexi utilizes, exploring even deeper the science and mythologies of these psychic walks.

All in all, this is a series that leaves you with a sense of enjoyment. If you don’t have fun while diving into this world, I probably won’t invite you out the next time I hit the town. If you haven’t yet checked out Quinn’s work, start with the first in the series, Weakest Lynx. I’ll certainly be continuing the journey with book 3.


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