Book Review: Invisible Fences

Genres are funny things. They sort of remind me of the factions in that one book / movie with that one girl where you’re either Dauntless or Timid or Grumpy or Sleepy. But you can’t be more than one thing, right? I mean, that’d be crazy.

fencesThe publishing industry loves genres because it helps sell books, but I tend to find the lines blur a lot more than you’d think. Enter “Invisible Fences” by Norman Prentiss, which is categorized under the genre of “Horror” but which reads more like Literary Fiction. Not “boring” lit fic, btw; this is tantalizing prose with a story so deceptively simple that you don’t even realize you’re reading a ghost story until its conclusion.

The blurred lines of memory and reality converge upon an unassuming protagonist as we follow him from childhood to adulthood and, in some ways, back again. For a novella to touch upon so many thought-provoking themes and yet do so organically, is quite an accomplishment. Life, death, addiction, guilt, contentment, and the “invisible fences” created to keep us in our own little protected corners of the world. Prentiss weaves his tale with an unseen current that pulls you along without even realizing you’ve slipped into its clutches.

This was a gem of a novella, regardless of what genre you categorize it under. And definitely an author I’ll be reading more of soon.

With that said, Prentiss currently has a book up on Kindle Scout with 3 days remaining for his campaign. I’d be shocked if it wasn’t chosen by Kindle Press. Head on over and nominate the book as you’ll most likely pick up a free copy for doing so. Plus you’re helping an author out, which always feels good, right? Right? RIGHT?!?  🙂


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