GiveAway – The Creation Part One

creation printOnly a day and a half remains for the giveaway over on GoodReads for a signed copy of The Creation: Axis Mundi. And let me tell you, these printed copies look gorgeous! If you haven’t yet entered, now’s your chance!


Now only 2 copies are being sent out, but you can pick up a free digital copy of Book 1 by signing up for my newsletter as well (if you haven’t already). It’s my way of saying thank you for supporting my work.

The Creation - Let There Be DeathMan, is today a day for promotions or what? I almost feel like an infomercial … “But wait, there’s more!” … Because Book 2 in The Creation Series is also up for a potential publishing contract with Amazon and, should it be chosen, all those who have nominated it will pick up a free copy. You can check out a preview of the book and, if you like what you see, nominate it here:


Let’s see, anything else I can give away? … Old running sneakers? The cold I’ve been fighting for a month? My dog who’s turned the entire downstairs of our house into a litter box? Remember, ask and ye shall receive.

Thanks for the continued support and I promise not to ram these books down your throat. As long as you open real wide …


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