Book Review: Written in Fire

I’m one of those many readers who fell in love with this Marcus Sakey’s series w/ its first installment. While the premise isn’t overtly original (substitute “brilliants” with “mutants” in any X-Men comic and you’d have pretty much have the same story), the execution and colorful characters really made the whole thing gel. It was a smart thriller series and a lot of fun to read.

written in fireThe end to the trilogy for me, however, sucked all the fun right out of it. I felt this book fell into so many cliches, from terrible dialogue to hero journeys to an end of the world scheme through weaponizing a flu virus (wow, are we back in the 90’s?!?). If the first book in the series had read like this one, I wouldn’t have stuck around for more. Add to it that much of the technological aspects, which were cleverly researched in the first two books, were just passed over in this one. It felt hurried, under-developed, and more like a draft than a final product.

It’s sad to see a good thing end but worse to watch it go down in flames. Sadly, if there is another book in this series (which there probably will be) I won’t be jumping along for the ride.

That being said, if you haven’t checked out the first and second books, please do. They really are a joy to read and a fun adventure, just don’t look for as exciting of a conclusion.

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